February 21 - March 20
Your Element - Water

Your Symbol - The Fish

Pieces will experience pain throughout the year. The source of the pain will be from the family. This will result with the inner-transformation which will last for over three years. It will take around three years for the cycle to settle. But this is good news because of the climate around you will help you develop more interpersonal skills with your life. Do not be afraid to endure loss and forgiveness. Your family will help you work through and resolve your unresolved childhood issues.


For those born in the sign of the fish it will mean a climate change because your changes in your family will affect your current relationships. They are impacting you to even think that this relationship may not be the one for you. But this is a positive because it hasn’t for a long time and you have been thinking whether this relationship is the one for you? Good changes will come from standing tall and being firm with your dynamics. This will be from the flow over from your family.


Stand tall because you will want to work through the organisational changes. You will experience big moves and a force of recrimination because you are standing tall at work. Meetings at work will become a catalyst for you to stand up to those around you. Do not get bullied by those who are not working the policies, they will receive their judgement in time. Stand up to these people in public and in private and others will also. Stick to your guns because the change within you will help you find a better career path. People always see those who are assertive as better leaders than those who accept being bullied in front of leaders. Bullying is not an acceptable practice, but even if it is within the family arena, do not take it lying down.


Remember that living is the belief in survival. Please do not give up the faith you have lost. It is significance in your memory for you to be reminded that just because there are in a way two opposite agenda’s it doesn’t mean that there are two people you need to follow. Just follow your body’s voice because it is calling for your attention. Remember who and what you are, because your body does and it will kick you if it has to if you don’t. See October being a great month to plan towards for your Health and fitness plan. See July the implementation of your health concerns and December as the end of many catastrophes you have felt. Keep your body’s water balanced throughout the year and you will be keeping yourself at balanced.


Seek and thou shall find the wallet in the bottom drawer. I know that saving isn’t what it used to be and certainly doesn’t feel the same way. By June you will feel the spending itch. It is time for you to be spending the money on yourself and not on anyone else. It will be not what you want it to be such as a holiday, but perhaps spending it on something that will make you feel good about where you are at in your life would be better for you.  In October you will need to definitely save as this is the month where you will need to spend less of it. In January you should ease off that financial burden and start sharing it with others. No that doesn’t mean spending big at Christmas but it means you will need to think about what presents you give and what you give in excess. Just give wisely. In fact, attach a present to a wish card for a person with the same name as a person you would have given a present to. Then when you have your pre-Christmas discussion with your friends you can tell them to do the same. Then spend the lunch with them and the present goes to a child or an adult, or even a rescued animal. It is this kind of flow that will give you the sense of giving. Time is changing for how you spend and the value of your dollar for 2012.

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