Readings for your Addictions &  / or Phobias

·      a reading of your addictions & or phobias with your archangels &
do not result in a cure
⦁ is not a Passed Life Regression therapy session where I ask you to enter into a trance & provide you with a gateway to  walk into your
past lives where you reveal them in your reading.
⦁ It is a mediumship reading/s so the work of the talking & providing messages does not come from you on a conscious level, but
through your energy

⦁ I will not absorb your energy or feel it like you there is no risk of me connecting with

⦁ your energy & any risk of you leaving it behind - you can’t because it is yours.
I am NOT


·      a Psychotherapist, a Psychologist, a Psychiatrist, nor am I registered & qualified medical or an allied health Professional

·      trained in either of the above fields or work in Mental Health
What I am:
A Medium who will connect you with your Archangels & Guides where you will be provided
with messages about your addictions & or phobias.

The energy I work with is not mine, it is yours, so any energy that you bring with you is what will speak & communicate with you –
whether or not you can sense it or not.
What will happen is that you will hear messages from the energy itself – the energy that will    
communicate with you about your  addictions & or phobias.

The readings are based on the connection of your Angels & Guides who provide you with:
·      messages about how & when you developed the energy that related to your experiences that brought the fear into phobia & the
       behaviour into addiction

-      your life time that you were in – year & location in the past of where it began for you

-      what your lessons about your previous addictions/phobias that were in those life-times
-      how many life times you have had the addictions/phobias

-      how your phobias/addictions changed from one life time to another
-      have you had the same addiction & or phobia before
-      you can ask questions about your addictions/phobias in your last life
-      the focus of the reading is your energy rather than the clinical model of therapy
-      the reading is about how your energy has learned through its ‘vehicle’ (whether it be animal, plant or vegetable)  it has lived in has
sensed since it was created on earth
·      you do not enter into a trace      ·      your angels do all the talking

·      you receive messages
The readings are there to assist you in your process of self-discovery & understanding on a psychic level

about your addictions & or phobias.
Whether it is about their energetic source or the course of them – the reading is as I said, not a cure,
but you will receive messages of healing & of compassion

⦁ You can ask for an addiction &/or phobia reading for you, your pet or even if you want to know

⦁ if your plants had been human or an animal in a passed life & in its passed lives did it have addictions or phobias

⦁ The reading is about how your energy has learned around its vehicle it has lived in or around since it was created onearth.
What is an addiction?

An addiction can be anything that is relied upon to make you feel good or avoid feeling bad –
Such as;
·        gambling, exercise, shopping, sex, Tobacco or work

Or using substances
– drugs or alcohol, food, nicotine
List Common addictions

 - Alcoholism          -  Cocaine         - Caffeine  -  Sugar           -  Carbohydrates   -  Gambling

Marijuana           -  heroin            -  Methamphetamine        - Nicotine          - Internet            -  Pornography

-  Hoarding            -  Religion         - Valium  -  work               -  therapy  -  Nail Biting

-  Sexting               -  Prescription Medication                         -  Sex  - Shopping
What is a phobia?

- A phobia is generally described as an irrational fear of or an aversion to something
-  I’m using wikipedia’s definition of a phobia as this is a common platform for many of us to find out about things…
-  Wikipedia defines phobia as a type of anxiety disorder, usually defined as a persistent fear of an object or situation in which the 

sufferer commits to great lengths in avoiding, typically disproportional to the actual danger posed, often being recognized as irrational.
-   In the event the phobia cannot be avoided entirely, the sufferer will endure
the situation or object with marked distress and significant interference in social or occupational activities.
Here is a list of the most common phobias
Fear of
- the dark - Intimacy -  death, dying,  failure  - loud sound, Spiders, dogs -

dentists -  snakes  -  needles  -  alone  - water, of god, of the Lord being alone  -  failure  - 

thunder  -  clowns - falling  -   or open spaces  -  Abandonment -  cancer  -  people -   women

Remember – your reading is not a cure – just a request to hear from your Archangels & guides about the
energy surrounding in your current life & past life about your addictions.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
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