Psychic Readings of firearms/weapons/armourys/archery bow (any weapon/shield).

My guides & guardian angels will come through when requested to act as an anchor to provide your angels the channel to communicate a message about your piece firearm or piece of armour.


Your piece firearm/weapon or piece of armour may be anything from your cross bow, shield, sword, or gun to even the bullets or the arrow.


Readings on a person’s armoury works a little like this. When you present your guns/cross bows/bows & alike you will receive a reading about your weapon or piece of armoury which will include;


• The history of it such as & who held it in the past & their energy – the reading includes the environment

• The energy of it now – this can include that of the bearer, of the environment & its future

• what century it came from

• what the gun has seen

• What the symbolism is of the object in your life

• Messages about any of the symbols on any of the objects

• you may want a reading of how you can help your target shooting to sports/recreational skills improve

• What the aura is of the armour (you can also include a psychic art image of the aura using pastel)

• How the object describes you & its message for you & others• The aura of you with & without the weapon/firearm etc.

• What kind of bow/arrow or gun should you buy?

• The success of you selling the one you have

• What the object/s see in your past/present/future

• What you can do to improve your aim or level of protection of the shield for example

• Messages about helping you hold your weapon for optimum use


A piece of armour – such as guns, weapons, swords, arrows & alike are an object & with any object can be read. Only an object that is not yours which has not been given permission by the owner cannot be read.

Every object has a fingerprint & it is in that fingerprint that is what your Angels provide you messages about. Like any object, it will only provide you with messages about what is relevant. In the reading, it is your Angels that speak with you & not Mel as I am the channel, but not the messenger. It is your guides/angels that tell you the message.

Each reading is different & many people may ask specific questions about the reading & others may just want to see what comes through from their angels.

Like any object reading, the object (gun or bow/arrow) is part of you & therefore your energy will be connecting with you. Each object will provide a different message/energy from the barrel of the gun to the bullet to where you hold it.


I am not an expert of any of these above areas – such as a gun expert or have full knowledge of all weapons & its technical details. I am not the one needing it because I simply allow your angels to connect with you & as they are the experts they will tell you the best way they can to help you receive their message. They may use analogies, pictures or words in their simple form direct you to the piece itself to show you. But otherwise I am not the one providing you with instruction, it is you inner spirit who is.


Have your own unique psychic artwork produced with a Psychic Art Reading.

Psychic artworks are an auric 'snapshot' of your reading. A picture of your personal psychic footprint. To book a reading with psychic artwork please see the Price List & Enquiry Form.

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