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            Face to face readings:








20 minutes


30 minutes


45 minutes


60 minutes


70 minutes


80 minutes


90 minutes


120 minutes






                        Phone & Skype Readings






10 MINUTES $44.50 15 MINUTES $67.50 20 MINUTES $90 25 MINUTES $112.50 30 MINUTES $135
35 MINUTES $157.50 40 MINUTES $180 45 MINUTES $202.50 50 MINUTES $225 55 MINUTES $247.50
60 MINUTES $270 65 MINUTES $292.50 70 MINUTES $315 75 MINUTES $337.50 80 MINUTES $360
85 MINUTES $382.50 90 MINUTES $405 95 MINUTES $427.50 100 MINUTES $450 105 MINUTES $472.50


Eye Readings for you or your pet

You can request an eye reading which can be from anywhere in the world, or if you request an eye reading and you want me to physically show you what parts of the eye so you can show others or see what part in your eye I am referring to, you can send me a picture of your eyes, or your animal’s eyes – or a clear picture of the person/animals face.

Eyes are the inventions of the soul. You can request an Eye Reading which is will provide you with messages from your angels & guides about your Health, Wellbeing, love, finance, relationships & more.

You can also request eye readings for eyes you had in past lives.

Cancellations & Refunds


  • Payments are made prior to the reading.
  • Readings if finished by you earlier/cut short, you can use the remaining time for another.
  • If you cancel the booking after payment is made, I will refund you 50% of the cost of the reading, but not the administration fee is paid through a merchant service.
  • If a reading has not taken place after 2 attempts because of the result of your actions, after the reading has been paid for, there will be no refunds.
  • Costs of issuing invoices are generally $5, however, if in the event that the fees mean that less than the cost of the service is reduced, the fee will increase to $10  - Paypal is used - charged to me is $2.60 + 30 cents for every $100.  


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Have your own unique psychic artwork produced with a Psychic Art Reading.

Psychic artworks are an auric 'snapshot' of your reading. A picture of your personal psychic footprint. To book a reading with psychic artwork please see the Price List & Enquiry Form.

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  •   0438 770 526 (+614 38 770 526 – calling from overseas)
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