A Pre-psychic Development Reading

What is a Pre-psychic Development Reading?

A pre-psychic development reading is where a connection with the guides and guardian angels provides an outline of the levels of sensitivities you have and the types you have as well as the gifts in which your angels say you can develop. For example, the reading may reveal that you have a high level ability with clairvoyance (seeing) but low level of clairaudience (hearing/listening). The reading will unveil why and when they are strongest or lower than your level normal.

It looks at your history and your past as to what events were occurring for you and where your skills would work / will work with your sensitivities and when you work against them. For example hearing voices to help guide you and you do not listen to them. You can request a profile at any time, however, I will do this at the start of your psychic development, or you can request it as a one off as a reading where you may just want to know what your psychic levels and where your gifts are.


  • Your guides and guardian angels and my guides and guardian angels provide the details of your abilities such as whether you are a Healer, a psychic, a Medium, that your abilities are with animals, psychic art, eye readings to object reading to name but a few or indeed a combination of any of these
  • The psychic profile is a tool to mark as your foundation in the development of your psychic development
  • The profile is completed with your guides and guardian angels and also my guardian angels
  • Your guides and guardian angels provide the percentage rates which look at your clairvoyance, (psychic seeing), clairaudiance (psychic hearing), clairsgustance (psychic tasting), clairalience (psychic smell), clairsentience - your ability to feel and touch energy.

  • For example and to elaborate, a percentage score is given from your guides stating what they see as your percentage level is in connecting with your clairvoyance ability. Your percentage may be 48%, which means that you are the ability to see the objects in your messages are only 48% clear which come through from your guides and guardian angels or what you see in the energetic planes. It is like what you see with your human eye, the messages are as clear as your ability to see them are. It is about working with you to develop your visual sense of clarity. The visual messages you receive at this time may be in colour or black & white, may be faded, fuzzy or the objects appear leave as quick as they come through and / or if there appear to rush in and out as quick as they came.

    Often messages that come through need to amplify the above, however, it may not be the message for you to provide as the messages that come through are not always going to be about a message that relates to objects that are faded, fuzzy, or objects that move in and out. If the message is clear, you will sense overall that it is the words you speak or what you write, as you will sense that it is the message. But if you have to try to see, deeply concentrate, or constantly request other types of confirmations to receive the messages, then this information will come across in the psychic profile and also your readings that you have provided so far.

  • The profile will assist in you developing an overall sense of balance with the messages that come through from not only your guides and guardian angels but also the help develop the ability to receive messages from the other persons guides and guardian angels.
  • The message you receive are as strong as you are – therefore the stronger your psychic levels are, the stronger the connection with your guides are which results in a greater piece of the message coming through – this way the guides and guardian angels do not need to spend time providing you with five different messages to give you one vibration , or many more ways to receive the message as opposed to one so you.

    What you want are messages that come through that are clear & those that do not need to be repeated so you can provide the message. The door is not going to be open long so you need to be able to provide the messages that come through rather than asking them to clarify every or some/most parts of the message.

  • The reading also covers the angels and Ascendants that are currently working with you and what guidance they providing you within your development
  • The psychic Profile looks at your ability and percentage rate is in your ability to read Auras and Chakras
  • the profile looks at your elemental connection with objects – ie – strength in connecting with wood, metal, water, earth and spirit
  • the profile looks at your psychic boundaries – what you allow in and what you do not allow in – i.e your ability to identify and work with different levels of vibrations
  • As a Medium, the psychic profile will help you work out what your percentage is in with connecting with the levels of spirit from animals to objects such as vehicles to also your ability to provide messages for a person who is requesting a reading for a plant
  • psychic profiles can be undertaken during any process of your psychic development
  • The profile is a reading, and not part of an actual psychic development session with the guides and guardian angels
  • The costs for a psychic Profile is $3.95 via phone and Skype, and at normal prices listed in the booking sheet for the readings.

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