October 22 - November 21
Your Element - Water
Symbol - Scorpion

Hopefully you haven’t left things to late with them? The Guides & Guardian Angels are waiting for you to move forward with your decisions. Take heed in the advice from others. They will help you from now on. Means you are free from the grief you used to have. Memories live within you of your past. Traumatic as events have been in the later part of June for 2013, from these changes will bring life experience that will help you to move forward through your life. Remember to keep the focus on yourself now so you can move steadily through your life path. Things are moving forward & forward will bring changes. I know that Scorpios are not the most relaxed to change as they often take it in or explode. They seem okay, but then given the minutes that follow, taking the time to explain the things to a Scorpio will result in an easier settlement. They find restlessness in the unchanged, but like things changing at their pace. Just relaxing will help. September is a final time in place for things, but perhaps looking towards March 2013 as being a change in the perspectives you have held on to. It will be around July 2013 before your changes settle. Do not jump at this & say, hey, that’s so long to go, if you did, that is a typical response. Just learn that shock isn’t something you have to act out of when something is confronting. Relax as life isn’t always a final exam. Sucking it in isn’t an answer either. January 2012 – July 2013 will be about working through how you respond to things, but also how you deal with it long term.


Sexy or what! Well, is that a question or an answer? Well, a little of both, it’s about the balance you find within. Take the time through this year to let go of those fears about you torso shape. Just by kicking a few behaviours the energy levels will return to those glorious years. They are not dead it’s just that you forgot to keep that door open!


Listen to yourself! Your ego has let you go out there & expand stories to all sorts of levels. Or you are so truthful you have left part of the story out. If you are the one who is to deliver the bad news most of the time, it isn’t bad news, it is just news that people have to work through. They are accountable for their own actions & how they express their energies is up to them. Just like you. Just think, do you think that the postal service feels sad every time someone gets a bad letter? No, they just deliver it & move on. The content is hard at times for people to work through even if they are unimpressed by it. They will move on & it isn’t the worst news they will ever hear. Just explain it & they will be fine. At work this is great advice, but at home, have a look at how you respond to news you do not appreciate. Colleagues will be okay & will adjust to it. Believe it or not, they are human too.


Family will play a role in the health of your body. Seek out any genetic conditions & map out the family tree. No you are not going to inherit or discover you suddenly have a pre-disposition to all things your family have/had, but what it will do is force you to look at your old habits & how your new ones will result in you taking better care of yourself. Connect with other family members & tell them what you are up to. Perhaps starting a family health club will benefit you! Look at July 2012 as being time to put all that cathartic thoughts together about your family behind you. This will be a good month for releasing your fears.


Keep your hands in your pocket at least to November may seem difficult because you are ready to spend, but take it easy on yourself & stop overcompensating for what you don’t have within. July will see you manage your monies better than you have in a while, so just hold onto your purse strings, at least until January 2013. Seeing how things pan out will help you with your home changes for April 2013 – 2015. Till March 2013, just try & not to spend so quickly. Do it with thought & think is the item a practical one. How can I be proactive in re-using the one I have already? This feeling will be around for some time as learning to budget is the key.

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