Western or Chinese Astrology Reading

Request your Western or Chinese Astrology Reading.

My guides & guardian angels will come through to provide you a reading from them regarding your Chinese or Western Astrology forecast – for the day, week, month, year or even decade ahead.

These readings are not in relation to your chart on a chart, they are according to your angels 

Readings are available for all signs & a psychic energy drawing for the reading is also available.

You can request -

Your readings may include questions of finance, relationships, family, career, recreational activities to ways you can heal from aspect of your life.

  •        Daily reading
  •        Weekly reading
  •        Monthly reading
  •        Yearly reading
  •        Decade reading

Readings are available for all signs & a psychic energy drawing for the reading is also available.

To work out which Chinese Sign you are – see the attached PDF -

Chinese Astrology




Western Astrology


Symbol: The Fish

Date:  Feb 19 to Mar 20 

Element: Water

Symbol: The Bull

Date: Mar 21 to Apr 19

Element: Fire

Symbol: The Bull

Date: Apr 20 to May 20

Element: Earth


Symbol: The Twins

Date: May 21 to June 20

Element: Air



Symbol: The Crab

Date: June 21 to July

Element: Water

Symbol: The Lion

Date:  July 23 to Aug 22

Element: Fire

Symbol: The Virgin

Date: Aug 23 Sept 22

Element: Earth


Symbol: The Scales

Date: Sept  23 to Oct 22

Element: Air



Symbol: The Scorpian

Date: Oct 23 to Nov 21

Element: Water

Symbol: The Archer

Date:  Nov  22 Dec 21

Element: Fire

Symbol: The Goat

Date: Dec 22 to Jan 19

Element: Earth


Symbol: The Water Bearer

Date: Jan 20 to Feb 18

Element: Air


You can also find out your compatibility reading with other signs  -

Chinese & Western Astrology & even your compatibility with a Western Astrological sign to a Chinese Astrological sign. 

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Have your own unique psychic artwork produced with a Psychic Art Reading.

Psychic artworks are an auric 'snapshot' of your reading. A picture of your personal psychic footprint. To book a reading with psychic artwork please see the Price List & Enquiry Form.

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