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  1. Tony Abbott will not see out 2014 as the Prime Minister of Australia as his inability to communicate to the Australian Public will hinder his ability to provide leadership. There will be another takeover by a backbencher who will head the discussion in the change in the leadership which will leak out. This will result in discussions of the front benchers to discuss with the Caucus to overhaul the leadership. There will be a couple of transitional leaders over the course of the next two years in the liberal party – they will be seen more as leaders as the current Prime Minister – which would result in their names being in the hat for the next leadership. Julia Bishop will leave the Foreign Affairs portfolio and head to the finance ministry.

  2. The Carbon Tax will not be repealed until the sitting of the next parliament due to the controversial trade off with the minor parties – tax concession will be given to the miners for their tax that they paid.

  3. The greenhouse gas omission will become a word that used to be used by another country – no further changes - more coal mining and less omission trading scheme – full coal steam ahead.

  4. Less monies for the environment, health, education will be circulating – more investment in overseas exports – results in the reduction of Australian wages as Australia becomes a consumer rather than a manufacture will result in higher unemployment.

  5. House property pricing – no change in property pricing.

  6. The AFL will start to fall with the talk of the CEO leaving for another code. The CEO will stay, but Andrew Demetriou will continue to stay due to his goal to include AFL as an international sport rather than an Australian Sport.

  7. 3 more clubs in the NRL will be implicated into the current drugs scandal plaguing Australian Sport.

  8. Australia will lose out in the Sochi Games for 2014 – with less than 5 Gold Medals being won, Australia will see than the AIS does not put enough monies into women’s sport – resulting in a deadlock into how Athletes are paid and how they’re attracted to continue to train.

  9. Overseas athletes will continue to play in the Australian Soccer – unfortunately, they will not assist in the development of young Australian athletes, but the only way that Australian Soccer will come to any worldwide competiveness is for an international – European Soccer coach to coach the way that the EPL train. Australian Soccer will need an overall change before the 2018 – Thus, Australia will not make it past the quarter finals of the World Cup Soccer. Ange Postecoglou will be dumped by the end of 2014.

  10. The disappearance of Boronia schoolgirl Siriyakorn ''Bung'' Siriboon will be resolved – new leads will result in the capture of the two men who are the involved in the disappearance – 1 will be caught by accident and the other will disclose as part of a plea bargain the capture of the other man involved.

  11. More changes to the environment will continue to hit Earth – A volcano will erupt in Europe which will cause mass deaths. A new wave of floods, cyclones and fires will hit more than once to one country.

  12. There will be another Sunami in at least two countries.
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